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Guitar Chords N Tabs is a vision from few ordinary guys who’ve fallen in love with Music. We have learned music and want this skill to spread across everywhere.And so have come up with ideas to make web an awesome place where every person sharing passion towards music meet and share ideas. We love Sharing and think web can be much more than a place for mere money making.

Guitar Chords N Tabs
Guitar Chords N Tabs

Its a repository of useful articles, with all guitar chords from Latest electric stuffs to Evergreen old soothing songs. A place where we would share some tutorials and best practices with you regarding latest music trends, and Jamming. We would like our readers to start with all their great plans right up being more proactive in learning Guitar. We want our newbies to halt their guitar dreams here, and enter into a world of Pro Guitaring. Ofcourse Practice is the only key for success, but the articles here would keep you interested in Guitaring.

Dear Readers, you are the only purpose of this website that you’re seeing online. We would come up with Songs as well as tutorials over topics that you’d love to read, and we would always be happy to receive your feedbacks over the same. Also, Sometimes our posts come up real sudden, staying up to date with our RSS feed, Email Updates (subscribe in the sidebar)  would defenitely be a good idea. Also please follow us on Twitter, Facebook. Your admiration is our Nitro Boost.

P.S. Grasp your Guitar Tightly, This is just a beginning…

If you share the equal passion for Guitar and music, you can post us your songs and chords with your name, and we would be glad to post it on this website. And if your chords are good enough and you are passionate enough, you can join us as an Author. You can contact us by clicking on the Contact Us button on the left.


  1. Hey guys
    amazing blog
    can u please post the THEME tabs for SAW MOVIE.. i searched the internet but can`t find the FULL song anywhere

    help me out guys